The Tobin School

Afterschool’s Survivor Club Meets with Real Survivor!

Tobin Afterschool Survivor's Club - fantasy draft meetingBack in October, Tobin Afterschool’s Survivor Club participated in a Survivor Fantasy Draft leading up to the start of season 43. Every Thursday since, the children have sat down to watch a recap of the episodes- followed by them participating in Survivor challenges of their own. These challenges have been anything from puzzles to obstacle courses. As the season is coming to an end, the children sat down on a Zoom call with Sami Layadi, a contestant from season 43, to ask any questions they had about the season and his experience! They were able to ask a wide array of questions, ranging from “What was your favorite challenge to participate in this season” to “Who are you rooting for in the World Cup”. Sami was the first of three Zoom Q&A’s with contestants that they will be participating in, the other two being contestants who made it to the finale!