The Tobin School

May 10 Special Field Trip

Friday, May 10th is a no school day for Kindergarten only at the Natick Public Schools*. If your Natick Public Kindergartener is regularly enrolled to attend Tobin Afterschool on Fridays, we will be expecting her or him for a full day at Tobin (7:00am-6:30pm), unless we hear otherwise from you. If your child is scheduled to attend on Fridays and you do not plan on sending her or him on May 10th, please let us know as soon as you possibly can so that we may plan accordingly. On the other side, if you are in need of care for this day, please contact us right away so that we can check our availability. If you have already alerted us to your plans for the day, thank you!
For those friends in attendance for the day, we are taking a special field trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History at no charge. We will be leaving Tobin promptly at 9:30am and will return around 1:30pm to join our 1st-4th grade friends when they arrive from their regular day at school. Please remember to send your child with a packed nut-free lunch, as we will be having a fun picnic on the front lawn of the museum after taking a nice stroll through all of their cool exhibits!
This field trip is program-wide for the NPS Kindergarten group* and all students in attendance will be coming along for the field trip. There is no permission form to sign. Please plan ahead to make sure you do not miss the bus, as no Afterschool staff will be in the building for coverage once the bus has left the premises.
*Please note that this trip is for the NPS Kindergarten students with no school for the day. Our Tobin School Kindergarten friends will have a full day of school, per usual.