Tobin Afterschool teachers are dedicated professionals who:

  • Enjoy children and understand their various needs
  • Bring an area of expertise to share with your child
  • Participate as an interdisciplinary team developing a great home away from home for your child
  • Receive a variety of trainings (professional development) to stay current on:
    • Curriculum development
    • new learning trends
    • classroom management techniques
    • special education topics
    • health and safety issues, and much more
  • Are certified in First Aid, CPR, and are epipen trained.
  • In addition to their focus on their students, our faculty is encouraged to build strong parent relationships. We are committed to strong communication with our families and stay in touch with the following:
    • Email and phone communication
    • Casual conversation in your child’s classroom at drop-off and pick-up.

We also support our work with students by incorporating additional professional resources as needed, including:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker: consults on and works with children, teachers and families with regard to behavioral, social or emotional issues that are present at home or in the classroom.
  • Certified Healthcare Consultant: employed to professionally monitor children’s medical records, teacher’s medical records and to help enforce and reinforce the schools health care policy. On occasion, if indicated, the Health Consultant will assist the Program Director in obtaining medical information needed for enrollment or monitoring exclusion policy and procedures. The Health Consultant also implements procedures for the collection of Board of Health yearly immunization survey.
  • Educational Consultant: helps evaluate and promote the continued success of the classroom teachers and developmentally appropriate curriculum. This consultant is available to meet with Program Directors and individual teachers on a continuing basis.